Hey South Fulton!

Happy Autumn! This is the season of gratitude! I think most of you know that I was married to a Marine, God rest his soul. (I love a man in uniform!) But I’m not sure if I have shared with y’all, my close personal friends, how deeply the military has affected my family. My Papa was a career Airman and my Granny travelled the world with him in the service. Amazingly, they produced six wonderful children, including my mom, who attended three high schools as the family moved from place to place. 

We recently travelled to Tallahassee, where my family gathered to celebrate my mom’s baby sister, my Aunt Sonja. Sergeant First Class Sonja Horne, like her mother before her, travelled from duty station to duty station, from Virginia to Texas to Georgia, but this time she was the one in uniform with five children and a husband of her own. She is one of the kindest people I know and she brought that with her to her units in the Air Force, the Army National Guard and while on Active Duty in the Army for 35 years. This sacrifice is what keeps us free. We are grateful. 

In our pages this month, there are many of these hometown heroes, in uniform and not in uniform. Some are firefighters, some police officers, and some are local public servants. Even you can do your part to help here in our community, beautiful South Fulton. So remember to take a moment to give thanks this month, especially to our military, veteran and those that put their lives on the line to keep us safe.  



P.S. My Favorite Thing this month is my Spelman sister Jamie Bennett, the CEO and Founder of The LifeStyle Group. She is helping my get my whole life together starting with AJ’s room! They also conduct workshops, organize homes, manage household vendors and plan small events, in addition to a bunch of other things.  They have been around since 2013. Please reach out to her if you’re overwhelmed like me and your life is in need of organization at jamie.bennett@wemanagelife.com. I can’t wait to share the “After” pics with y’all!