Ahh Springtime. Oh wait, it’s December. Right. Ahhh, Christmas. ‘Tis the season. Outside of my birthday, December is my favorite month. The lights, the music, people seem nicer…Doesn’t that make for a great time?  As a child, I used to think about all the things I could get on Christmas. As an adult, I think about everything I can give.


I think my favorite thing is the parties. Staring the first week of December, it’s like party central. I always see the stories and news articles about “eating clean during the holidays,” or “How to not eat the fattening food at holiday parties.”  What??! NO. It’s the holidays! That means all bets are off. There’s no calorie counting! I’m eating the cakes, the candy, the cookies, the roasts…you’re following me here. Save the responsible eating for the other 11 months. December is all in.  Period. So, if you see me at the Mayor’s Masked Ball, I’m eating. Or at the SFLM holiday party? Eating again. Everything. You know the whole moderation thing? Well December is the moderation. I act like I have some sense Jan-Nov. But that’s all I got. So, here’s the takeaway. The holidays should give you the opportunity to do things you normally do or don’t do to make yourself or others happy. Give a little more. Share a little more. Rest a little more. And, yes, maybe eat a little more. Because when January 2019 comes around, we’ve got to get it, friends!  Will you be ready? Use December as a reset. Enjoy yourself over the holidays and your family and friends. Eat, drink and be merry. You deserve it.


Merry Christmas!