Grady Health Care System announces the recent opening of their new Camp Creek Comprehensive Care Center. A state-of-the-art facility for various types of patients, the center will be equipped to handle multiple forms of healthcare in one location. 


“We’re calling it a Comprehensive Care Center because it’s a one-stop shop for patients, where they can get most of their healthcare needs handled at one location instead of having to travel to multiple locations, different clinics or hospitals,” said Dr. Kelley Carroll, Grady Health System’s Senior Vice President of Ambulatory Care Services.


According to Dr. Carroll, the overall goal is to provide a facility that can cater to the needs of multiple patients. This center is not only equipped to handle primary care concerns like adult medicine, pediatrics and OB/GYN but also specialty services. Some of the specialties include cardiology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, colonoscopy, labs and images (mammograms, CAT scans, X-ray, MRI).


Another point of interest is the location. The new center will exist down the road from Camp Creek Marketplace. “We know that this is a growing area and there isn’t a big presence of a healthcare center. This community is growing and needs this facility,” said Dr. Carroll.


Wellstar Atlanta Medical Center South is the only large healthcare facility in that area. However, it can only provide general services, emergency services, and less than a handful of specialties. Grady’s new facility is offering a place where patients can not only get the care they need but also additional services that would normally require going offsite. Similar large healthcare facilities are either located near Downtown Atlanta or outside of the I-285 perimeter.


Grady Health Care System’s Camp Creek Comprehensive Care Center opened in December.