I sample different products, services or businesses and let you know whether it’s something you should try too!

The Joistick 

I’ll be the first to admit, I am no social media maven; it takes me 40 minutes to do an IG post. That makes The Joistick even more amazing. It allows you to livestream on multiple devices. You can place your phone in one place on the stick and stream, place your iPad on another section of the stick and livestream on another platform. Multiple livestreams, multiple devices, multiple socials! Am I the only one who thinks that is boss? The really cool thing about it is that it’s named after the woman who created it—her name is Joi. The stick is the Joistick. Get it?  Anyhoo… if you’d like to grab one, or at least learn more about it, use my personal link at Joistik.com/Ref/MichelleTaylorWillis.  


Harold’s Chicken and Ice Bar Old National

I’m usually driving past Old National Highway, not getting off of it. I now have reason to make an intentional exit. I don’t do a lot of fried foods, so it took a lot for me to dive into the wings and fries. I’m so glad I did! Hot, fresh, crispy, tasty…  You get the point. The beautiful thing is they don’t stop at wings. The shrimp and grits—OMG, I wanted to take a bath in the grits! The blackened fish tacos are also some of the best. If you like live jazz, karaoke and music, they’ve got it all, depending on the night of the week. And karaoke fans, it’s fun karaoke, not “looking for a record deal karaoke.” So, if you’re looking for a place to hang with a mature crowd, a nice bar and great atmosphere, check out my new BFFs at Harold’s. Find them at HaroldsOldNat.com or at 5495 Old National Hwy, Ste B11. See you there!