BRRR! It’s been cold outside. When spending so much time in the house, one starts thinking about easy updates that can be done in the home.  

How do you brighten things up in your home following this record-breaking cold winter??!

In a sea of neutrals, a pop of color goes a long way. The current trend is still leaning toward grey, white and beige neutrals, but to keep it fresh, using accessories to add a punch of color is an inexpensive option for decorating. A set of throw pillows, a throw, wall art or books on a shelf in brightly colored paper can give a nice cohesive look with minimal effort.

Another easy way to add color is with furniture in a fabulous color and/or print. A couple side chairs in a sexy brown croc pattern or a beautiful teal blue upholstered sofa will make a dramatic statement in any room. An ottoman in a geometric fabric with matching pillows or an accent chair in your team colors would fit well in any space. The possibilities are endless! 

Other great options available to homeowners for color is an accent wall. Paint is cheap and the work can easily be done over a weekend—a great DIY project. And don’t neglect the fifth wall—your ceiling! Painting your ceiling is a unique way to do something dramatic. Also consider wallpaper, which can be used in virtually any room in your home, offering interest and uniqueness, including wallpapering the ceiling. Today’s wallpaper is not your Gramma’s wallpaper! It’s easy to put up and take down and comes in an interesting array of colors and textures, including metallics.

Painting furniture is another fun DIY project, updating an older piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint in a couple different colors can bring a lot of personality to a formerly dull piece. 

There are many different ways to add color to your home, and it all starts with stepping out of your comfort zone and just doing it!