South Fulton’s Adopted Daughter is Known as Denise to Us!

Avery*Sunshine started on the road to stardom at a young age simply by doing what she loved. She began playing piano at 8 years old and played for different denominations at church as a teenager, as well as directing choir and singing. When it came time to choose a major in college, the decision was obvious: piano. A self-described introvert/extrovert, Avery*Sunshine loves people and lives her life to the fullest.  

“I am happy. I am a mommy; I am a wife. I love music, I love cooking for my family, and I love making music that I believe will move people,” said Avery*Sunshine, who credits her success to happenstance and reveals that she is not naturally creative.  

“For me, the moon has to be in the seventh house and everything has to be aligned properly until I get into my groove,” laughed Avery*Sunshine. Never thinking she could really be an artist, she continued to go with the flow.  

“I never thought about creating music as a job; it was something I did to get albums done,” said Avery*Sunshine.  

Her husband is both helpful and encouraging in the process.  

“Everything inspires me, like my children, and even being uninspired,” said Avery*Sunshine. She recalled driving on her first tour up and down the East Coast in a hatchback with her husband, playing guitar in the passenger seat and they created something. Anything can spark inspiration for them, even cooking dinner or reading.

Avery*Sunshine considers her songs to be soul music.  

“What stands out is being invited twice by Aretha Franklin for her birthday party and Christmas party and being given a check in my birth name, Denise White,” said Avery*Sunshine.  

She also spoke of doing a small tour in the UK with BB King, honoring Smoky Robinson and being nominated for a Soul Train Award in Los Angeles as highlights of her career. She repeatedly reiterated that she never thought she would be doing this.  

“The thing that helped me is knowing good things come to those who wait, but great things come to those who hustle, so that is my advice,” said Avery*Sunshine.  

Avery*Sunshine decided what she wanted and went for it, following her family’s example. 

“My mother was an entrepreneur working a couple of jobs, like Scott Paper Company and her own beauty salon and beauty and barber supply business, and she took care of the family,” said Avery*Sunshine.

Having watched her mother do everything, Avery*Sunshine was inspired to do the same.  

“I saw her tireless effort to make sure that I had everything and that I was being set up for success,” said Avery*Sunshine.  

Her mother is now 82 years old and tries to make it to every show in both the audience and on the stage. She is thrilled by Avery*Sunshine’s achievements and expects even more in the future.  

“There will definitely be more touring, more collaborations and I look forward to being done with my fourth album,” said Avery*Sunshine, who says she stays in touch with her fans via Facebook and Instagram, where they can follow her and see what she has been doing. Readers can expect to see more of her.  

“I moved to Atlanta almost 30 years ago, so I call myself the ‘East Coach Peach’,” said Avery*Sunshine.  

She has been in the community for so long that her whole family has moved here, and it is safe to say that she is here to stay!