The Skinny of It All

If ingredients were the only standard used to determine caloric values in alcoholic beverages, gin would win hands down. Created with botanicals, spices and citrus rind, these flavors come to life and add complexity to your cocktail.

But who can turn down the satisfying taste of a frozen strawberry margarita made from scratch? Sweet, salty, fruity and perfect. Just another good reason to keep limes on the ready and plant a small patch of strawberries, at least that’s my excuse.

Tip: Store your tequila in the freezer to prevent the alcohol from melting your cocktails.

In essence, balance is the key. There is nothing worse than a drink that is too sweet or too sour… right? A good mixologist understands how important balance is. No award-winning chef would try to create a great meal without having knowledge of fruits, veggies, spices, or meats; so it is with the mixologist. A perfectly balanced cocktail will please almost everyone, and for those that crave a little more sweet or sour, the mixologist knows just how to adjust it to perfectly suit each person’s taste.

Tip: Drink responsibly!

Fermentation (feeding sugar to yeast) is the process that converts sugar into alcohol. The practice is used in some, if not all, consumable alcohols. Rum, tequila, vodka, and whisky all have their sugar make-ups, including sugar cane, molasses, blue agave cactus, wheat, rye, potato, sorghum, fruits, and barley. None of these are free of gluten.

I think we are painting an accurate picture that there is really no such thing as a “skinny” cocktail. The cocktail world inundates our taste buds with layers of flavors using infused syrups, candies, chocolate, creams and steam, all aesthetically appealing and prepared to perfection by Mr. or Miss Bartender/Mixologist.

But there is hope–gluten-free beer is available!