Driven Leader in Matching Opportunity for Youth


Qaadirah Abdur-Rahim is a nonprofit innovator bringing change to the same East Point community she grew up in. While at University of California, Berkeley, she felt underprepared for college coursework. After graduation, she returned home to work at the Future Foundation for youth started by her brother Shareef Abdur-Rahim, notable NBA All-Star and NBA G League President. Nineteen years ago, she stepped into the CEO role.

“Faith has played a major part in my life,” she said. “I think all of my life decisions have been shaped by faith. This is a spiritual job. I think God has told me in so many ways, ‘this is your purpose.’ I’m paying attention to what God is saying to me.” Consequently, the Future Foundation equips South Fulton’s most vulnerable youth and their families with the necessary skills and resources to beat the odds and rise up out of poverty. A dedicated teen center and access to experts are examples of what is offered around the five pillars of life skills, family, relationships, and health and academics. And a data-driven approach solidifies an ecosystem of business, nonprofit and government partners that come together to create a “second family” for foundation participants and alumni.

Their major fundraiser, the “Keep It 100%” Luncheon, recognizes not only these advocates, but also the number of seniors who have graduated high school over the past 12 years. 

“I grew up here in South Fulton and sometimes it breaks my heart to see where some of our kids are and the challenges that they face,” she said. “Volunteer! It doesn’t have to be at Future Foundation. But if more people volunteered and got involved in a child’s life that really needs it, I do think that support can really help change what’s happening in our community.”