Hey #SoFu!

I can’t believe it’s time for back to school AGAIN. It’s as though we go through this every year. Well I guess we do, but it doesn’t make it any more tolerable. The summer seems to fly by, like a car on the racetrack, merciless. Just running over whatever is in its way. When did summer become so cruel?  Remember when we had 3 whole months off for summer? These poor kids, having to cram summer fun into just a few weeks. And us parents! Having to spend time with these little boogers. We have to work, and camps are a whole lot more expensive than they were when I was coming up. Good gracious, I sound like my grandmother!  I speak in jest, of course, but it really doesn’t seem like our kids get their full due. I must admit, I’ve had a blast with my kids this summer. We’ve gone on walks, worked out together, made weekly runs to the library, written book reports. Shoot, I even had my kids working for me, so they got quite the experience. Couple that with a few vacations, and summer 2019 is in the books.

Speaking of books, we’ve got a great issue packed with info to help you get the kiddos off to a great start of the school year, and some cool options with which to seal off the summer. What a play on words, as we’ll hear about one of Atlanta’s treasured institutions, the Georgia Aquarium, and the man sitting at the helm.   In addition, we’ve got some insightful tips to make transitioning into school easier and a couple of other great stories highlighting SoFu’s best students and programs. It’s all inspiration to keep you going as you get those kids back on the bus. So, here’s to the start of another great year. Be sure to follow me on IG and FB @michelletaylorwillis to see what I’m up to year round, with and without kids. Talk soon!