Graze – For the On-the-Go Snacker

Graze is a perfect subscription box for anyone on the go with its high-quality, healthy snacks. The premise is pretty simple. For the first box, you take a survey to note any special diets (vegan, vegetarian, gluten-avoiding) and preferences (no nuts, spicy foods, raisins). Graze uses this profile to select an initial assortment of eight snacks that they’ll send to you.  

One advantage of Graze is that they ship on your schedule. Boxes can ship weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Another advantage is that Graze allows you to adjust the box according to your dietary needs. You can choose from the 150 Calorie Box or the Protein Box, in addition to the traditional boxes. Graze makes a great gift because the recipient gets to choose. You can either send a gift box or a voucher for a set amount to allow the recipient to pick out their own snack variety. Subscriptions start at $14.99 per box.


SpiceBreeze – For the Home Chef

SpiceBreeze is the subscription box for the person who loves to cook. Once you sign up, you choose from either the Duo Box or the Quad Box. The Duo Box is filled with two unique packets of spices for two dishes from two countries while the Quad Box comes with four packets of spices from two to four countries per month. Each package contains recipe cards that explain the original preparation of the dish as well as common substitutes.

The SpiceBreeze box helps families travel around the world over dinner. The box offers unique spices that you wouldn’t usually buy with just enough for one meal. If they’re a flop, then it’s something you’ll never cook again. If the meal is a win, then you have added something new to your menu! Subscriptions start at $6.80 per month.


Atlas Coffee Club – For the Coffee Lover

Atlas Coffee Club is the subscription box for the coffee lover. A subscription includes coffee from one of the 50+ countries in the world that grow it, along with a postcard from the country, country information card and flavor notes/brew card. Atlas Coffee Club isn’t just a coffee of the month club but is more of a coffee tour guide delivering coffee from among the top 5% of the world’s best.

Subscribers are delivered a personal experience by choosing the frequency of delivery, roast preference and grind style. Each coffee delivery is freshly roasted to ensure that you receive your perfect coffee as fresh as possible. Because it’s also a functional gift, there’s no wondering if the person will actually like it. Subscriptions start at $9 per shipment.


Home Made Luxe – For the Craft Lover

Home Made Luxe is the subscription box for the craft lover. Each monthly box has all the materials in one place to create a home décor project. Home Made Luxe also includes written instructions and convenient video instructions for the project in case you get stuck on anything.

Monthly subscribers all get the same project that is personalized for individual orders. For example, a state string art project will include your particular state. The projects usually take an hour or less to make and are easy for all levels of crafters. While there is a monthly subscription, Home Made Luxe also offers one-off boxes with similar projects. Recipients get the relaxing benefits of self-care and being able to complete a craft project without the stress of having to buy $50 of materials, half of which they’ll never use again. Subscriptions start at $35.99 per month.

BONUS BOX: Freshman Fun Box and HBCU Box by Peachi Williams

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The Freshman Fun Box™️ is loaded with different items every single month to help keep parents and loved ones worry free. Designed for all college (any level) and boarding school students, the box has 6-8 full-size, name brand and specialty items every month. There’s always something to eat, wear, something for personal care, school-related items and more. Boxes can be ordered via subscription or one at a time and are shipped via priority mail. The brand also carries customized birthday boxes that can be ordered any time of year.

Boxes come in blue, green, pink, or the HBCU box, geared toward students attending historically Black colleges and universities. One of the unique features of the HBCU box is that every HBCU in the nation is listed, serving as a learning piece and outlet to promote scholarship and pride. The HBCU box was the inspiration behind the lifestyle brand, “I’m HBCU.™️”

The brand isn’t just a box, but operates as a resource. Parents and loved ones can join the Freshman Fun Box parent community on Facebook, where live sessions with financial aid representatives, physicians and other professionals who offer insight into dealing with the transition into college occur on a rotating basis. A portion of the proceeds from every box is donated to their non-profit where funds are funneled into providing boxes for less fortunate students, and the company works with other organizations developing programs to offer an entire year of boxes to scholarship recipients.

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