So, you know this is my favorite time of year. Not JUST because if the gifts (mainly because of the gifts), but because people are generally nicer, more giving, even a pleasure to be around.  The holidays scream “Let’s be nice to each other for at least a month!” I don’t know about you, but I’ll gladly oblige.

Speaking of nice, we’ve got some great happenings in SFL this month. Of course the Mayor’s Ball is the big hit of every holiday season and it’s really nice.  We love highlighting this event, as it’s like a culmination of all the great things and people that happen throughout the year. And you’ll be inspired by a couple of ladies that have changed the game!  And how about some cool gift ideas for people who are on your “Nice” list. I opted against a list of gifts for those on your “Naughty” list. I figured you could come up with that on your own.  

Be sure to follow South Fulton Lifestyle on all socials, and me @michelletaylorwillis.  Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!