Sylvia Carter Releases Third Book “Rescue Me”

International speaker and author Sylvia D. Carter experienced firsthand the psychological and emotional impact of extreme poverty and gender inequalities in developing countries during a mission trip to Kenya last summer. Her time in Kenya became a catalyst for her latest, highly anticipated release, Rescue Me and its companion study guide.

Mover + Shaker Marshawn Evans Daniels

 Photography Tiffany Powell Photography  Background: Where are you from? How long have you been in South Fulton?   Education and Training

Takeoff with Austin Jackson

Known as the Takeoff Boss, Austin Jackson is just an 18 year old student and one of the Top 20 Leaders in the State of Georgia (2014) and now one of the Chief Ambassadors on the SCLC’s next generation board (2016) who has a passion for flying. He’s had a dream of being a commercial airline pilot since his first…

Mary Parker

Multi-million-dollar entrepreneur Mary Parker is encouraging all women to be IN CHARGE. Parker, CEO of All(n)1 Security has penned her new book The Chick in Charge. Throughout the pages of this transparent journey from obscurity to success, Parker provides a winning blueprint that incorporates years of struggle, challenges, and triumph from childhood to Corporate America. Parker, born in Jim Crow…

Page Turners Book Review

During this time of year, we often think about being thankful and giving to others. June Peters, You Will Change the World One Day, by Alika Turner, makes you want to put those warm feelings into action. June Peters is a charismatic, determined and altruistic young girl who is has a desire to learn and experience more of the world…

Local Author Exlpores Language and Identity

Language, Identity and Choice: Raising Bilingual Children in a Global Society provides scholarly insight to how foreign language acquisition has influenced an individual's understanding of identity within the African American family. Scholarship is rooted in sociolinguistic, communication and bilingual theoretical perspectives. This text describes how foreign language acquisition, development and use help to shape how African Americans are able to…

All I Do is Win or Do I?

As a lifestyle and procrastination expert, I help professionals, entrepreneurs, leaders, students and everyone in between stop procrastinating, stop quitting and start succeeding in business and in life. And over the course of my travels and my work, there are a couple of things that I’ve learned that are essential for success.